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The human body is a fascinating organism. For many, it can be difficult to fathom that we are capable of healing many ailments without the use of pharmaceutical medications. It just takes a bit of innovation and a thorough understanding of how our bodies work.

The extremely skilled and knowledgeable providers at Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center in Gilbert, Arizona are highly-trained and have learned how to harness the body’s self-healing properties. Through the use of your own platelets, our medical staff is able to help you heal injuries without the use of medications or invasive surgeries. 

If you are seeking a holistic approach to treat or manage some of your aches and pains, do not hesitate to reach out to Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center to learn about your regenerative medicine options.

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About PRP Therapy

PRP (platelet rich plasma) Therapy is a branch of regenerative medicine. The platelets in our blood can be used to generate growth factors to heal tissue damage caused by some injuries or disease. Platelet rich plasma is taken from a sample of the patient’s blood. The blood contents are separated in such a way that the platelets become concentrated within the plasma portion of the sample. This is what makes the plasma “platelet rich.” Scientific studies have found PRP therapy to be effective in enhancing the healing process. By injecting the platelets directly into the injury site, the healing process can be shortened while promoting tissue repair in an effective manner. 

What is plasma?

Plasma is the fluid component of blood. It contains the red and white blood cells, along with proteins, and platelets. The plasma is what allows blood to circulate through the body, sending important nutrients and other components to where they are needed. 

What are platelets?

Platelets are specialized blood cells that cause blood to clot. When you get a cut, platelets go to the site and plug the cut to prevent further bleeding. Platelets secrete a substance that allows them to stick together at the site of an injury. Over time, this causes a scab to form. From there, the platelets can release growth factors that aid in the healing process

Benefits of PRP Therapy

There are some priceless benefits to undergoing platelet rich plasma therapy. First, PRP therapy is an all-natural treatment that can eliminate the need for medication or surgery to repair tissue damage, in some patients. This therapy can also eliminate adverse reactions seen in other treatments. Since the platelet rich plasma contains your body’s own naturally occurring substances, there is no risk of rejection or reaction. It can also help your body heal from injury rather quickly. This allows you to return to work, exercise, and move about more freely in no time!

If you are ready to experience the benefits of PRP therapy for yourself, call Wellness 1st today at (480) 304-5152 to schedule your consultation to determine your best regenerative medicine treatment options. 


Individuals looking to receive PRP therapy are people who may have suffered an acute injury or chronic, degenerative damage from repeated use of a specific part of the body, such as a tendon, ligament, or joint. Tennis elbow, rotator cuff damage, arthritis, and tendonitis can be treated with PRP therapy. Patients may have tried traditional methods of coping with the injury, but have not made much progress. Ideal candidates for this treatment are relatively healthy and have realistic expectations for the treatment. 

Have you tried to manage pain from arthritis or another degenerative condition without much progress? Contact the knowledgeable staff at Wellness 1st to schedule your PRP therapy consultation today. 

Your Personal Consultation

During a private consultation with our medical staff, you will have the opportunity to share your experience with other pain reduction and healing methods, along with your goals and expectations of PRP therapy. The professional working with you will describe the PRP therapy treatment in detail, being sure to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. They will review your medical and health history and determine your candidacy for PRP therapy.

If PRP therapy is right for you, your healthcare professional will create a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs. They will provide detailed instructions to help you best prepare for your treatment.

Do you want to learn more about the holistic treatment of platelet rich plasma therapy and how it can help reduce pain and promote all-natural healing? Fill out our short form and our helpful staff will be glad to assist you with scheduling a consultation to see if you are a candidate for PRP therapy!

Your Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Procedure

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On the day of your procedure, you will meet with your practitioner to review your treatment plan. A vial of your blood will be taken from your arm. This vial will be put into a centrifuge and spun down, separating the blood contents and concentrating the platelets in the vial. The medical professional will prepare the plasma and platelets in a syringe for injection into the treatment site. 

Your skin in the treatment area will be cleansed and the PRP serum will be injected through a needle attached to the syringe. Once the appropriate amount of platelet rich plasma is injected into the area, the wound will be cleansed and bandaged. 

PRP Therapy Recovery

The direct delivery of the platelet rich plasma to the treatment area will cause relatively quick biological response from the body. The area may be swollen and sore for about 3 to 4 days after injection. You should refrain from putting pressure, strain, or extending the treatment area for a few days. You should continue to avoid anti-inflammatory medications, unless prescribed or allowed by your Wellness 1st physician. Cold compresses may be used to manage swelling and discomfort at the treatment area. Depending on your needs, your doctor may also prescribe physical therapy to help aid in your recovery. You may need to return to Wellness 1st for follow-up appointments to repeat treatment, as necessary.

Results from your PRP Therapy

After treatment, the platelet rich plasma will release its growth factors, encouraging regeneration of the affected tissue. You may notice increased mobility of a joint or less pain of the affected area after treatment. You may need less medication to manage pain at the treatment site! 

Wellness 1st Integrative Medical Center is here to help you move about more comfortably without the need for excessive medications and aggressive surgeries. Contact our office today to schedule your regenerative medicine consultation to determine your PRP therapy candidacy!

Cost for PRP Therapy in Arizona

PRP regenerative treatment is tailored to your needs. Because of this, the final price may vary between patients. The only way to receive an accurate quote for your treatment is to attend a consultation with the Wellness 1st medical professionals. They will be able to appropriately assess your case and provide you with a breakdown of associated costs. If you have questions about pricing for PRP therapy or payment options, give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you started on your journey towards a more holistic approach to your health.



Platelet rich plasma injections are long-lasting! Since the PRP is from your body and helps to actually repair the injury or damage at the treatment site, instead of simply reducing pain, the results will endure. Barring any future damage to the area, you can expect your treatment to last. If the pain reduction is not sufficient after about 3 months post-injection, you may rec#index.html@p=29.html">read their reviews!


PRP therapy is not for quick relief. PRP actually helps to repair the injury at the treatment site and this will take some time depending on the extent of the damage and the treatment area. As the tissue repairs itself, pain and discomfort will gradually subside. Generally, patients experience maximum effects at around 6 months, post-injection with long-lasting relief!

To learn more about PRP therapy and its benefits, take a look at our informative blog!

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