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Welcome to the Drug-Free World of NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Therapy

How Neurofeedback Works?

Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, is a very specific protocol that is utilized to improve brainwave activity. EEG biofeedback is especially useful for treating neurological conditions such as ADHD, stress/anxiety, sleep disorders, migraines, traumatic brain injury, and other related conditions.

NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback is basically a reward system that teaches the brain how to function in a more optimal range. Neurofeedback training is entirely subconscious – and that’s exactly why it works. An individual who can’t sleep would gladly “think a happy thought” if it helped them get to sleep. Thinking happy thoughts will not bring your brainwaves into balance, though.

What is NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Brain Training?

Through proper training, and the implementation of neurofeedback technology and methodology, the individual’s brain learns the proper range for a good night’s sleep. As with traditional biofeedback, the goal with neurofeedback training is to achieve long-term results and to alleviate symptoms.

We also offer talk therapy and counseling, which can be done along with our neurofeedback program or independently.

Founders of NeuroCorrect Therapy CentersPresident Cory Michael Carter (left) and CEO Dr. Farid Rooh (right)Phone: 1-866-602-5526  

What is NeuroCorrect Therapy?

NeuroCorrect Neuro-Pathway Training is a painless, drug-free, and natural approach to treating ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Memory Loss.

Our Promise To You

Effective In 92% Of Patients With ADHD

Effective In 85% Of Patients With Anxiety

Effective In 44% Of Patients With Addiction

Effective In 39% Of Patients With PTSD


NeuroCorrect Therapy is painless. Sensors on the scalp listen to brain activity to monitor the training. Training is as easy as watching a movie or playing a video game.


NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback trains the brain using the brain waves as feedback and without the use of any drugs. As the brain changes, the need for prescription medications–and their unpleasant side effects–can be eliminated.


Medications work only as long as they are being taken. NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback permanently changes the way the brain functions with positive effects long after training has ended.

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Our Secret

The secret behind our name is based on a simple recipe - when your patients have the right information on what their brainwaves are doing, their brain can start to use that information to change how it works - NASA Space Administration relied on Neurofeedback and so can your patients.

Drug-Free Approach

Most often medical doctors will recommend medication in treating symptoms of ADHD, depression and anxiety. Many different medications may be prescribed and used before one is found to be effective in treating the symptoms. Even then it is a compromise between decreasing the symptoms and living with unpleasant side effects. Then the medication must be taken continuously or the symptoms will return. NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback is an effective treatment for ADHD, depression and anxiety without the need for medications. Many of our patients start neurofeedback training while still taking their medication and then reduce it as positive effects are seen until they no longer need it!