Food Sensitivity Testing Treatment

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Unfortunately, 85% of Americans have some form of a food sensitivity, which causes mild to moderate irritation of their intestines every time they consume that product.

This could simply be a fruit, a grain, a vegetable, meat or etc. which leads to gut and digestive problems that would cause irritation and inflammation that is shown to be the culprit for cardiovascular disease and autoimmunity. In order to find the cause of the health problems, we have to address this problem by doing a food sensitivity analysis.

Again, we are just trying to find out the cause of one’s health problems that is not addressed with other doctors.

The test can be done through blood testing in a very accurate manner, which can turn one’s life around. We offer a few different tests according to the patient’s needs and health concerns.

Is it a food allergy or sensitivity?

The word “allergy” is confusing because many people use it as a fully encompassing generic term for true allergic reactions and nonallergic adverse reactions, also called sensitivities or intolerances.

Immune reactions can result from the different types of food allergies or food sensitivities you may possess. The most common foods causing allergic reactions are peanuts, soy, wheat, shellfish, fish, milk, eggs and tree nuts. Once identified, we recommend eliminating those problematic foods from your diet.