What People Have To Say

Since I’ve started this program, I’ve been feeling fantastic! Used to get sick after just one bite, constantly sluggish, and frequently fatigued. Now, I’m eating full course meals without any problems and have loads more energy. Program helped much more than my thyroid medicine did at its best. Helped me make better educated decisions.”

H. B.

Since I started the program, I feel a ton better. My overall health has greatly improved. I sleep better and no longer have heartburns. I’ve had more energy and am losing weight with your great advise and knowledge of what works for me personally, so far I have lost 28 pounds. The program teaches you how to eat better and what your body needs to get good results. Thank you for teaching me the things I need to do to continue on my path of better health and weight loss.” S. B.

S. B.

“Since I started your wellness program, I have discontinued the use of Celebrex, Simvastatin and Omeprazole. I have more energy and the pain has diminished. I’m pleased with the program thus far & have been successful. And within the last two months, I have lost 19 pounds.” D. C. Mesa, AZ

D. C.

“Since starting my program, I’m no longer needing to take Benadryl or prevacid. No more dry, cracked feet, or pitted edema. Also, anemia is gone. Able to run up stairs and not out of breath. Before, unable to climb stairs without being totally out of breath and heart racing. Hardly ever need a nap!”

M. B.

“Before starting the program, some symptoms I was experiencing relating to my monthly cycles were cramping, migraines, highly emotional, backache, fatigue and etc. Your typical PMS symptoms. Within the 1st 2 weeks of starting program, I had my cycle and all symptoms decreased. When I experienced my 2nd cycle at the end of the program, all PMS symptoms were gone.”

C. K.

“Since I started the program 3 weeks ago, my blood sugar has gone back to a near normal level. I only take ½ of my dosage every 2-3 days! Instead of 1000 mg/daily I take 500 mg every 2-3 days. Plus I’ve lost 6 pounds! Also, I do not have stomach problems and have a really great level of energy! I am more energetic than I have been in years! I recommend this program to everyone!!”

P. K.

I, R.K. Sr. have changed my lifestyle and eating habits due to your health program that was provided to me. Your program has helped me lose 21 pounds and several inches off my waist. This has helped me understand how to stay healthy and what happens when you just eat anything an overeat things that are not healthy. I’m glad that I took your health program and feel very awesome. Dr. Rooh always takes time to answer my questions and explain what’s the best route to take. I really appreciate his training.” R. K.

R. K.

“What I think of the program. For the 2 months I’ve been on the program, I feel so much better everyday as long as I stick with the program. Even my memory is so much better. And I’ve lost 13 pounds already. I wish I would’ve found the program years ago.” C. K. from Canada

C. K.

“My stomach has been hurting and sore for so long at least 20-30 years. After 3 weeks of being on the diet, my stomach feels as good as it did when I was a kid. I can’t believe it.”

S. L.

“Improvements I have noticed. Clearer tongue, more awake no need for coffee, deeper sleep, less bloating, more energy, pants fit better, less hot flashes, less night sweats, more alert. I would recommend this program to others. The detox was not hard as I thought. I have lots of results. I feel much better. I have learned the right foods to eat for my best health.”

J. L.

“Since I’ve seen Dr. Rooh my terrible pain from fibromyalgia has gotten much better. I’m even going to travel to Dallas. A wonderful surprise! My hot flashes have gone from 6-7 a day to maybe one or two. My dental hygienist said I had no inflammation or bleeding. I’m a new woman at 77 years old.”

C. P.

“I’m very happy with my health program. My constant diarrhea has cleared up. I sleep much better now that I have quit caffeine. I have learned so much about my own food sensitivities and about nutrition in general. My regular MD is very impressed with my A1c test results and my general health improvements. Thank You!”

L. S.