Dr. Rooh puts together Personalized Peak Lifestyle Programs that includes many in-depth laboratory tests and analysis as needed to figure out and address the root causes of your health problems. Dr. Rooh is very passionate about analyzing you uniquely and evaluate your health thoroughly to figure out where you are not functioning optimally. And by proper personalized lifestyle changes, diet, exercise and safe nutraceutical plant based specific supplement regiment, he will help support the function of your organs and help your body heal by reversing the health symptoms and conditions along with increasing vitality. He will also provide patients with ways to become independent and to start taking control over their health.

By choosing to go through the Peak Lifestyle Program, we try to optimize every system of the body so ultimately you can finally be healthy and feel better.

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Finding The Source of the Your Health Problems

Dr. Rooh chooses from many specific tests to figure out the actual cause/s of your health problems whether it be blood, saliva, urine, fecal, ultrasound, or etc. We leave no stones unturned in our clinic when it comes to your health and wellness. We want to find out what is actually causing your ailment not just mask it or chase it.

Proper Education To Empower YOU

Dr. Rooh has been very successful in helping his patients due to fact he has a curriculum based practice. He believes in taking the time with each patient to educate them about their specific causes, needs, reasons why, shows them how, what and when they need to do specific things, holds their hand every step of the way, holds them accountable and makes himself available to his patients 24 hours a day through texting, calls and emails.   The curriculum includes learning about gut health and detoxification, how to eat right, exercise and more. Our Peak Lifestyle Program includes personal training classes/sessions as well, so you can begin to learn how to exercise properly to obtain a better looking body without hurting yourself or wasting time at your gym.

In-Depth Lab Analysis

As a part of the curriculum, Dr. Rooh will also review all your lab findings with you in detail explaining which test ranges are not in the functional or optimal ranges and what we are going to do to help you achieve the optimal ranges. There also will be follow up tests done to figure out and show you how much progress you have made and give you the confidence that what has been done and what you have done to get there has actually been beneficial and a great investment in your health.

Healthy Detox

Every patient in our Peak Lifestyle Program participates and goes through a specific type of a healthy detox. The detox could be as low as four-week-long depending on your specific needs and health conditions. The detox program is not a colon cleanse, juicing or starvation/ fasting as some may think it would be. The chosen detox program is about eating healthy, great tasting foods that are put together specifically to help you achieve an ultimate and healthy you. We also will repair gut issues if you have any as well to stop the leaky gut issues you might be having.

Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Eating Habits & Personal Growth

It is very important to support the deprived and burnt out organs nutritionally to help them regain strength and do what the Lord has intended for them to do. That’s why Dr. Rooh uses the highest quality specific supplements along with healthy eating habits and lots of education to help empower you to make the right choices from now on. Dr. Rooh’s philosophy is that he needs to educate each patient so they can make wise choices for themselves so they can continue being healthy after the program and avoid pitfalls or how to get themselves back on track. Personal training is also included in the curriculum since people need to be educated on how to exercise properly to avoid injury, over exercising, under exercising, doing the wrong thing or the wrong way.

Personalized Peak Lifestyle Program Support

Dr. Rooh believes in giving you more than what you are promised. That’s why the patients whom complete his program are offered periodic evaluations afterwards to continue the support they may need to stay on track with their new lifestyle. We want people to be able to keep themselves happy and independent in their health through diet and lifestyle changes. He believes in having a strong healthy community, which in turn helps the future generation by the choices they have and choices they make.