Nutrition is the hallmark of any program designed to improve one’s health and well-being and the foundation of our chronic health recovery programs. Appropriate testing is done to identify food sensitivities and nutritional status of major vitamins and minerals prior to initiating any dietary changes.

Your individual program is based on your individual needs – everyone is different, even with similar complaints or disease processes. Our goal is to restore you to your healthiest possible self by guiding your food intake and counseling you on supplementation that will enhance your health and rectify deficiencies. If you have a weight problem you would like to resolve, understand that excess weight is a symptom of underlying health problems, not the source.

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We commonly see insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic infectious processes and backed up detoxification systems that are stoking the fire of your stubborn weight problem. When you can put the fire of those underlying factors out, excess pounds will start to disappear.

Additionally, we use a homeopathic weight loss system that is extremely efficient at helping you shed those unwanted pounds!  We do not use any hormone-based products but focus on making sure that you are clearing toxins and burning fat most efficiently.  Don’t let the fact that your past diets didn’t work frustrate you – we get results when all else fails!  Check out our testimonial page – most thyroid patients had significant weight loss when they got healthier and for more the more stubborn issues the homeopathic weight loss system worked  great!  We’d love to see YOU in our next testimonial!

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