Dear Diabetes Sufferer,

Diabetes slowly sweeps your health away without you knowing it.  It is a potentially disabling epidemic that is ruining the lives of millions around the world.  You, family members, friends and co-workers will experience this because of all the wrong and old information out there.

My name is Dr. Farid Rooh, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and a Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.  I believe in educating, empowering and helping you take charge of your health and get in control your  destiny.  So I combine functional medicine, , lifestyle change, diet, nutrocuticals and exercise to help diabetics daily, which is a large portion of my practice.

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diabetesPlease understand that uncontrolled diabetes can cause:

  1. Blindness
  2. Kidney Failure
  3. Loss of Limbs
  4. Neuropathy
  5. Cardiovascular Problems
  6. Stroke and even Cancer

Now, the bad thing with diabetes is that it comes on slowly without much symptoms and unfortunately, by the time you realize you have a problem and get evaluated by your physician, it may be late.  Now, medicine can do wonders in acute conditions, but in chronic degenerative conditions like diabetes, it takes more  tests than what your general physician normally orders (fasting blood sugar levels) to figure out the root causes of this debilitating health condition.   They often do NOT order a full battery of tests NEEDED to figure out the root causes of your problem.

So, now I have to let you know that the health of your adrenal and thyroid glands along with the gut health play a very important role in your diabetes.  They are all intertwined.  They all work together and that’s why we have to evaluate you as a whole to figure out where the root cause of your problems lie.

You see, expensive prescription drugs with bad side effects and insulin injections may not the best treatments for treating Type II Diabetes long term.

In fact, many, if not all of the diabetic medications carry the risk of serious side effects… With some even causing weight gain and ultimately perpetuating the disease long term. In the end a drug for every disease or symptom is only masking the problem and not treating root causes.

In addition, having high levels of insulin, leptin, fibrinogen and homocysteine floating around in your body can be very dangerous to your health! These all need to be checked.

Besides, more than likely it’s not that your body is lacking the hormone insulin. The problem for the majority of Type II Diabetics is that insulin resistance has set in … This basically means that your body has lost the ability to utilize insulin appropriately. This usually comes from over-eating, eating too many carbs or having multiple food sensitivities. Increased stress also causes increased cortisol, which causes even more insulin resistance. This is a vicious cycle that must be broken.

What sense then does it make to continue to bombard your body with something it no longer recognizes and can no longer process? Especially when that substance (insulin) may be harmful to your health and more than likely will cause your disease to progress.

Elevated insulin levels:

  • Can shorten your life expectancy
  • Can cause you to gain weight at an alarming rate
  • Can cause more insulin resistance therefore perpetuating your diabetes
  • Can cause your blood pressure to increase
  • Can cause cardio-vascular disease
  • Can increase your risk of developing cancer

Yes, it can do all of the above!

Again, diabetes is a nasty disease that ruins the lives of millions of people. Diabetes can lead to amputation, cardiovascular disease and stroke, kidney failure, blindness, periodontal disease and eventually death.

But help is available. Our approach for supporting diabetic patients like yourself or a loved one is totally different – AND MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE.

You see, where most physicians test for blood sugar levels and not much else, we do so much more. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to properly understanding all the complexities involved in this type of condition. The results have been life-changing for my patients.

You see, we utilize very specific unique protocols to help patients such as education, diet, nutrition, lifestyle changes and exercise to bring about changes to your life. There is no “quick-fix”. You must be willing to accept responsibility for your health and be willing to make changes. If you continue to do what you are doing, looking for some “guru” in a white coat to give you the magic pill, you will certainly not add value and/or quality to your life.

By the way, please do not misunderstand me here.  I am not recommending that you should stop taking your medications, nor am I asking you to stop seeing your doctor.  I simply educating you about the facts and also I work with your physician to help you become healthy again.

So to recap here, Diabetes is not a problem with high blood sugar levels, but rather a problem of INSULIN RESISTANCE…

So your doctor told you to stop eating sugar and now you use Splenda, Equal or Sweet’n Low, right? According to the researchers, the problem here is that these substitutes are cytotoxins and they amp up your nervous system. So, normally, your blood sugar should drop when you put something sweet on your tongue, but as soon as you put Equal (Aspertame) on your tongue, it raises your blood sugar through cephalic phase insulin response and that raises your insulin levels and as a diabetic, you don’t need that. However, with Splenda and Sweet’n Low, it drops your blood sugar, so in turn you become more hungry and you eat more and gain more weight and your body releases more estrogen, which makes you less able to utilize your blood sugar. So either way, you should learn to have a better and healthier lifestyle and eating habits that would not cause you harm and health problems.

So, let me tell you how we are different.  You will get a full evaluation.  This will or may include thorough blood evaluation, stool and saliva testing to figure out the root causes to your problems.  At that point, we will meet and come up with a specific game plan to work on the underlying root cause/s of your problem and help you regain health once again.

  • How life would be if you no longer had to worry about your blood sugar
  • How life would be if you no longer needed the drugs
  • How life would be if you no longer had to inject yourself with insulin
  • If you had the energy to exercise and lose the diabetic weight
  • What life would be like without having to get up constantly throughout the night to use the restroom
  • What life would be like without living in constant fear of the devastating effects of this disease
  • That once and for all you finally understood why you had diabetes instead of just being told it was genetic and the best you can do is to choke down the drugs and inject yourself with insulin

So, let’s help you regain your health again by scheduling a consultation to see how we can get your blood sugar lowered through our Peak Lifestyle Programs.