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What health problems do you have? Our research based customized system adds the specific supplements needed for your specific health condition.

What medications are you on? Our research based customized system adds the specific supplements that your medication is depleting back into your customized vitamin pack & if there are any specific vitamins/ minerals that counteract your medication, our research based customized system automatically takes it out of your customized vitamin pack so there would be no cross reactivity going on inside you.

What time do I take which supplement? Our research based customized system separates which supplements should be taken in the morning and which one should be taken at night for best absorption, which takes the guessing game out of it for you.

How do I know which supplement to take when I get your customized vitamins/minerals? .Our research based customized supplement packs will have your name printed on each pack and has the specific vitamins/minerals included in each pack and is marked morning or evening to make it easier for you to manage and take. All you have to do is to tear up a pack that says morning and take the supplements and in the evening when you have dinner, take the ones that says evening on them.

How customizable are the supplements? Our research based customized supplements come with a recommended doze for you. At that time, you can still increase or decrease the recommended dosage and make it more customizable for yourself.

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What if I get on new medications or get off of medications while I’m taking these supplements? Our research based customized supplements can easily be managed by logging into your account and adding or subtracting any medication or health condition to your list and the system will recalculate your necessary supplements for your next batch of supplements.

Discover your individual IDNutrition formula and IDHealth Score by taking our free science-based IDAssessment designed to determine what nutritional supplements you may need.

The Science Behind IDNutrition- Your Customized Health Condition Related Vitamin Program

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