Cold Laser Therapy

Are you suffering with any aches and pains from old injuries or even an accident? 

Cold Laser Therapy for Old Injuries

We would like to tell you about an incredible new healing system used by many people around the world and why this non-invasive method of healing is so effective. It has received FDA approval for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, some medical studies have shown this fantastic healing method is also a godsend for other treatments, such as soft tissue injury, general pain relief, wound healing, arthritis, migraine headaches, swelling burns, pressure points and sores and even acne. Truly, what you are about to discover is changing the way people around the world are dealing with healing.

So what is this incredible healing technology? 

Cold Laser Therapy

Well, it’s called cold laser therapy, and thousands of people have given it credit for the healing of their injuries and pain without any drugs, injections or unnecessary surgery. Medical investigations have concluded that a new technology that uses light that’s right, simple light can help conditions that previous therapies have failed to impact. Here’s how it works as scientists have studied the nature of light and its positive effects on both our bodies and our brains.

They’ve been able to develop techniques and modalities that use light to heal, called laser therapy, uses the compressed light of a wavelength from the cold red part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. How is this different from natural light? Well, in many ways, first of all, called laser light is one color. It travels in a straight line on a single wavelength, and it concentrates its beam in a specific location. Because of these qualities, laser light is able to penetrate the skin surface with no heating, no damage to the skin, and no known negative side effects.

Instead, this type of light energy is directed to the body’s cells. The cells convert this light energy into chemical energy, which promotes natural pain relief and healing. It’s as simple and as safe as that. The reason why this type of light is so effective is that cold red light is able to penetrate more deeply than other light waves in the visible spectrum. As the cold laser light penetrates through the different layers of skin and fat tissue, it optimizes the immune response in your blood, which has both antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive results.

Another reason why this therapy is becoming so popular is that, again, it has no known negative side effects. As a matter of fact, in almost all investigative studies called laser therapy has never caused a single injury. Unlike high powered lasers that cut through tissue, cold lasers promote healing by giving energy to your body’s cells. It has none of the harmful effects of over-the-counter or prescription drugs and doesn’t come with any of the risk of surgery. Best of all, called laser therapy doesn’t require ongoing treatments like lots of other remedies.

Once the underlying energy has been healed or the pain banish, a cold laser patient is free to enjoy life without the interruption of ongoing, lengthy office visits. And when getting cold laser therapy to alleviate your pain, you don’t have to get undressed. There’s no medicine involved and there’s no special procedures to go through to get prepared because cold laser therapy involves a device that is the size of a small flashlight. It’s truly a miniature sized miracle called. Laser therapy is able to work through light clothing, so it doesn’t require the use of gels or creams and it can be done right in our office.

Now, while most patients feel absolutely nothing during treatment, others report slight tingling in a nerve or along a nerve pathway, as well as a slight feeling of warmth. But you can feel good knowing that most cold laser patients at our office refer to cold laser therapy as totally comfortable and completely painless. You’ll typically get to experience about four to 15 cold laser therapy treatments in total, with each session lasting between just 15 to 30 minutes max. This, of course, depends on how chronic and severe your condition is as well as your overall health.

A thorough evaluation will certainly be done before you begin treatment. What kind of pain relieving results can you expect from cold laser therapy in our office? Well, about 75 to 80 percent of cold laser patients typically report improvement either during or after therapy. Thankfully, because of how gentle cold laser therapy is, there’s no recovery period needed. Following your sessions, following your course of cold laser therapy treatments, not only do most patients feel a tremendous improvement and decrease in pain, most don’t require any additional treatments.

How great is that? 

Comparative Pain Scale Chart

So if you’re dealing with any sort of chronic pain, consider these points about cold laser therapy.

For one, you no longer have to put up with pain and injury. The times of having to take medications with side effects go through hours of demanding and time consuming physical therapy or risk going under the knife are now gone. When you get cold laser therapy in our office, you can help to alleviate pain in a safe, natural, noninvasive and effective way. With cold laser therapy, you can enjoy life again, pain free, just like everyone else, living without any sort of nagging injury the way your life should be.

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning, free of pain and stiffness, instead getting up, feeling great, ready to conquer the day. Imagine being able to participate in your favorite recreational activities without chronic injuries or pain stopping you in your tracks. Imagine not only being able to enjoy these activities, but imagine performing them at your best and imagine not thinking about what you need to do to feel better anymore. Instead, you have peace of mind knowing that your pain, injury, wound or condition will be managed and even possibly eliminated in a safe and natural way.

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